Revenue Management

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Revenue management for your hotel is a must in today’s competitive hospitality industry. For just a fraction of what it would cost to hire a dedicated revenue manager, we can drastically increase your sales and returns across all booking channels. By using proven methods, our skilled team can improve your ADR and grow your profits significantly.

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Masterkey Hospitality specializes in expanding hotel returns through inventive revenue management strategies.

Hotel Revenu Management With considerable experience in Distribution and Revenue Management in both the hospitality and tourism industries, our expert tem of yield analysts and consultants help independent hotels like yours discover their hidden revenue possibilities and grow your bottom line.

A skilled Revenue Management specialist will integrate himself into your hotel’s management structure and by operating as a key element of your team, they will take on the responsibility and duty of revenue management and business development.

Let Us Drive Your Hotel Revenue

We set specific measurements around our decisions and strategies that allow us to make fact based decisions to reach and exceed a hotel’s objectives.
We analyze crucial elements of decision trees like booking distributions, cumulative probability, and projection levels.
We focus on booking window patterns, LOS patterns, room types sold, rate plan effectiveness, and ADR vs. room revenue produced.
We work to balance demand and capacity by forecasting prices and maximizing the effectiveness of hotel resources.

Revenue Strategy

Applying our proven practices and result-driven techniques along with the latest travel distribution advancements, we will simultaneously increase and optimize the financial returns for your hotel. We enable you to outperform your competitors and become a forerunner in your local market.
Kenny Patel
Excellent and effective work with great results. I would recommend your services to my Hotel Partner and anyone in need of hotel marketing services.
Kenny Patel
Best Western Georgia
Harry Patel
This Guys consistently achieves excellent results for our hotels. They are by far the most knowledgeable people I’ve met when it comes to hotel marketing.
Harry Patel
Microtel Inn Texas
Danny Patel
Masterkey produced some exceptional results. They have considerable expertise in the area of hotel revenue management.
Danny Patel
Super 8 Alabama

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In a market with no shortage of technology for comparing and tracking the competition, it can be hard to level the playing field. That’s why you need a team that can put your hotel ahead of the crowd.