Reputation Management

Let Us Manage Your Hotel Reviews

Mismanaged negative reviews have the potential to ruin the reputation of your hotel by discouraging future guests from booking with you, costing you potential revenue. That’s why at Masterkey Hospitality, we make online review management easy! With a dedicated response team, each of your hotel’s reviews are responded to in a timely and professional manner.

If your hotel is plagued by bad guest feedback, you could be losing important revenue opportunities!

Hotels with negative reviews have an average 22% drop in sales. Over half of all hotels still do not respond to their guests’ online reviews. According to the latest TripBarometer study by TripAdvisor, 9/10 travelers reported that a hotel’s reviews were critical in their final booking decision. Today, many reservations are made through Online Travel Agencies (OTA); many of which feature TripAdvisor reviews directly on their site. Because of this, negative reviews can literally be broadcast across the world in a matter of days.


At Masterkey USA, we’ve spent the last five years helping hoteliers just like you increase profits. In that time, we have discovered the key factor in the online marketplace; Reputation equals revenue. We provide tailored, professional, hand written responses in a timely manner. We send every response to you for your review and approval before we post. Let us take care of your online presence.


At Masterkey, we handle more than just revenue management, group sales and marketing, and e-brochures and coupons. We grow your reputation. Unsatisfactory and unanswered reviews project a bad experience for future guests. Perception truly is reality, and as technology and the internet continue to shape our business, that is magnified now more than ever!
The Objective

  • As a hotelier, we allow you to get back to what you do best – Impress your guests!
  • We take care of all the reviews and responses to and about your hotel, improving your visibility.
  • Visibility means more growth, and more growth means more sales!

The Opportunity

  • We can help you increase your average daily rates by showing guests that you are exceeding previous guest’s needs.
  • We increase your visibility among prospective clients by showing a willingness to help previous guests.
  • By monitoring your online presence, we can help increase your rankings on the review sites that matter.

The Solution

  • We use online reviews to help you increase revenue. Gaining a single percentage point in the Global Review Home can lead to increase of up to 1.42 percent in RevPAR.
  • By leveraging review analytics, we help you put money back into your business that will be most effective in increasing revenue by bringing you more and happier guests.
  • Blow the competition away – We provide insight to help you spot your strengths and weaknesses, and compare those across more than 120 hospitality centric concepts, allowing us to compare you to the competition and beat them.