OTA Promotions & Marketing

Online Travel Agency Promotions & Marketing

As a hotel owner, do you know exactly how many of your reservations are made through third-party websites? We do – it’s over 65% across the industry! It’s hard to believe that

Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, Travelo city, Booking.com, etc. are extremely important to your hotel because of the consistently increasing opportunity of revenue they carry for your hotel.
  • These travel agencies focus on promoting your hotel through online advertising – which is extremely profitable because of the advancement in the technology industry. On top of that, they also focus on consumer needs and speak directly to your guests. Some hotel owners may consider these Online Travel Agencies a threat to their revenue, but if you know how to promote your hotel effectively they can actually increase your revenue dramatically.
  • However, it’s important to keep an attractive profile on these websites. Unfortunately, they don’t do it for you. We know it can seem extremely overwhelming for a company, let alone one person. So how can we help to promote your hotel and generate that additional revenue for you?

Did you know ?

As a hotel owner, you know how much revenue you lose when rooms go unsold; therefore it’s probably the last thing you want. Our top priority is to gain that lost revenue for you by using these third-party booking websites to promote your hotel (even if it is at the last minute) every day.

Better Online Promotions, more bookings, more revenue

Our team of advertising and marketing experts has a strong relationship with each and every online booking agency. We know what matters to them and to you, and we’re willing to work to help you sell your rooms by keeping your profile up-to-date, attractive, and running several promotions.

We can help to further promote your hotel on these sites by working for you on a daily or weekly basis to maintain promotions for your hotel over your competitors. We are consistently watching the hotel market to see what promotions would best suit your hotel and your guests to sell your rooms as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Rate Parity & Rate Integrity
Thanks to our great connections, we are able to keep your price consistent across each third-party website. This is extremely important because you wouldn’t want your guest to go from Travelo city to Expedia and see a drastic rate difference.
Online Content Management
We work to keep all of your photos and videos up-to-date to really show how amazing your hotel is. It’s important to know what the consumer is looking for when it comes to pictures and videos, otherwise what’s the point of having them on the OTA website? For example, a consumer will probably care more about how big your pool is, rather than just knowing there is a pool available.
Last Minute Promotions
Do you have several unsold rooms throughout the year? Rest assured, these promotions will sell those rooms even if it’s at the last minute to gain the revenue you need!
Guest Reviews Management
We prioritize responding promptly to all reviews of your hotel on these agency websites so your guests know that you are involved and that you care about their thoughts. This actually encourages guests to write reviews, in turn, improving your sales through positive reviews!