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Looking to book group accommodation? Save up to 40% with Masterkey

Planning group travel can sometimes be troublesome, but with our FREE group travel planning service, Masterkey Hotels makes it easy!

With a large portfolio of top-rated hotels, our Group Sales team will find the perfect hotel to fit your group with an instant savings. Because when hotels are competing for your business, you win!

All you have to do is submit your group reservation request and describe your lodging needs. You get to choose the best deal and lock in the discounted group rate, and book directly with your hotel of choice. We even offer the flexibility of paying as a group or individually.

Whether you are planning a company meeting, conference, convention, family reunion, wedding, bus tour, military reunion, sports team travel, church group, or any other group, Masterkey Group Sales will work for you!

Individual or Family
Family or solo vacations, so much fun to be had and memories to be made. It all begins when you climb into that car and head east, or west or well you get the point. Either way it all starts to be fun and enjoyable once you start your journey. No one tells you how hectic and stressful it can be to find the perfect hotels fitted for your travel needs. No one tells you about the hours spent searching every inch of the internet and coming up less hopeful each time you hit enter. Let Masterkey do the dirty work for you! Relax, enjoy some you time, after all you do deserve it!
When you already have this meeting here and that meeting there, it’s hard to find yourself some time to just breathe, let alone to be on the prowl for hotels at great discounted prices. At Masterkey Hospitality it’s our job to track down that great deal and secure it for you! Meaning you get more you time! Which is important, call us, breathe easy and relax, you’re in great hands!
Agents and Bus Tours
Trying to make the next trip an excellent one? Look no further, for we have all your travel needs in a one stop shop, so to speak. We have cherry picked the finest hotels from the area and have added them to our portfolio. Need rooms in town or on the outskirts of town? Fine by us we offer a variety in location choices. Let’s stop this madness of calling each individual hotel and hoping for a good deal. Give us a chance to show you our work! We will promise you the best deals in town and around, period! With Masterkey Hospitality you are in the hands of professionals who know what it takes to get the job done. The first time!
School adventures are always so much fun! Whether it be a high school group going to tour the big college campuses, getting ready for their futures! Or a sports function jam packed with school spirit and cheerleaders in tow. Masterkey Hospitality is a sure win for you! Let us slash those high rates and give you the best discounted rate anyone can offer!

Are You Hotel Group Booking

If you’re looking to make group hotel bookings, our dedicated group bookings team will help you plan the perfect trip. Group Sales Office: * (912) 335-5118 * (845) 335-4535 *

Staying for over 7 Days?

Let us negotiate a discounted extended stay hotel rate for you!

Are you staying for a week or longer? Let us help you get great discounted hotel rates!

Planning a long term hotel stay can be stressful, but with Masterkey Hotels, it doesn’t need to be. We know that a tiny issue can easily become a larger inconvenience over time, but with years of experience and a large selection of the best hotels, our team can help you choose the perfect long term lodging for your needs!

Whether you are relocating and need temporary lodging, traveling on business, seeking corporate housing, or simply planning a week-long getaway, we will find accommodations to fit your budget with our excellent nightly rates, budget-friendly weekly rates, and extra discounted long term rates.