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We know you have all been there, especially as a hotel owner or manager, sales get lost all the time! You watch your team waste their time on phone calls that result in nothing. It’s time to change that, and we can help.

Look At This Scenario….

Picture this: A head group coordinator calls your front desk to inquire about rates and amenities. You over hear your sales manager explaining your rates but he falls short and fails to mention your amenities and what is included in the room’s rate. A couple days pass, and you notice that you did not get a group of rooms booked for the call that your manager took, what happened?

We see it all the time. In fact, every 3 out of 4 group calls like this are wasted because these sales managers are not knowledgeable enough or even interested in converting these kinds of leads into sales. You find yourself spending a large amount of money on this manager’s salary, when they’re not even converting any of these leads into sales.

Conversion Ratio

We work diligently to get your hotel into new accounts by managing all online RFPs to include the CVB, Meeting Broker, Hotel Planner, Cvent and National Accounts.

Hotel Planner 90%
Cvent / National Accounts 66%
Lanyon / Meeting Broker 84%
CVB & Other 72%

How does this work ?

We’ve tried our best to make it easy for you. Let us handle all the work! We are establishing a client base of organizations through direct outside and inside sales effort. We will continuously work with your hotel planner to promote your hotel across multiple channels, which will keep you full with guests. Each proposal sent to groups or large companies, is customized per that exact situation – this minimizes the chance of them turning to a different hotel that creates a “standard” for the larger groups and companies. On top of that, we will follow up with these calls until the lead is closed. All inquiries are handled immediately, and you don’t even have to worry about direct billing!

You can’t go wrong, here. We even design professional videos per your hotel to make it look the best that it can amongst your competition. Remember, each proposal we draft is customized per the company and situation – not one proposal is the same! Say goodbye to worrying about whether or not you’re going to get the sale, you’ve already got it when you hire us!

Let us handle all your group booking !

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Tour Groups
Tour Groups They’ve picked the destination — now it’s time to find the right hotel. Connect with us today to discuss how we can help tour groups book their stay at your hotel for the big next trip.
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The world is meant to be explored. Speak with us today to learn how we can help groups book rooms with your hotel when planning the next adventure.
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Do you offer the perfect meeting spaces and rooms for corporate events? Let us spread the word. Talk to us today about how we can guide corporate groups to your hotel for their next function.
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Love welcoming those needing to travel to cheer on their team? We can help. Speak with us today to discuss how we can connect groups with the best room rates at your hotel.

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