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Content is king. What helps Guests, helps Hotels!

In the digital age, where there is information overload and referrals have become strong in leading conversions, building trust between potential customers and your business has never been more important. One way you can do this for your hotel is by telling the audience your story through great content.

From online brochures to blog articles and social media posts, content is king in helping you to drive the right people to your website and social media pages, and converting this traffic into bookings. A recent survey has proven how relevant the printed brochure still is for hoteliers, with “98% of front desk staff” favoring the use of print media because the material “catches the attention of guests and fosters interaction with front desk staff.”

Taking the successful formula of the printed brochure, with an e-brochure you can reach anyone in the world not only with words and images but with the use of audio or video, and create an interactive brochure that will take your audience on a virtual tour of your hotel.


With measured ROI, we will show you how the traffic from your website and social media pages is moving and which content is converting into bookings. Here at Masterkey, we design tailor-made and complete hospitality marketing solutions for each of our clients, whether you have a motel, an independent hotel or a leading hotel franchise.


Consistency is key, especially when it comes to having a strong online presence. This is done by uploading striking images on social media, publishing must-read blog articles, and videos that will take your guests on a virtual holiday. Let us build your hotel’s online reputation with measured ROI by creating an e-brochure that will help you reach a bigger audience than ever, so you can focus on the real-life hotel experience for your guests.


Our time is spent focused on the marketing needs of hoteliers and no other industry. We provide hotel reputation management. We are the ones who will create e-brochures and coupons for you.
We will carve an outstanding online presence for you — one that represents the voice of your brand, from your blog content to your social media pages. We will help you become a source for your audience by building trust and converting this trust into more bookings.

Our Hotel Patners Say

Excellent and effective work with great results. I would recommend your services to my hotel partners and anyone in need of hotel marketing services.
Kenny Patel
Kenny Patel
Best Western Georgia
This Guys consistently achieves excellent results for our hotels. They are by far the most knowledgeable people I’ve met when it comes to hotel marketing.
Harry Patel
Harry Patel
Microtel Inn Texas
Masterkey produced some exceptional results. They have considerable expertise in the area of hotel revenue management.
Danny Patel
Danny Patel
Super 8 Alabama
I fired all my hotel sales team after hiring Masterkey. They are indeed able to help us generating more revenue for our hotel.
Prakash Patel
Prakash Patel
Super 8 Georgia
My hotel was not able to compete with other hotels in the area. I hired them and now my hotel is always on the top in STAR.
Kris Patel
Kris Patel
Microtel Inn Georgia

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